1. Integrations
    1. Zoom
      1. Installation - connect your Zoom account to your Bridge Instructors' profile 
        • Login to Bridge Instructors
        • Go to Integrations Section 
        • Find Zoom in the list and click Connect  
      2. Usage - see the video here or on Zoom Marketplace (search for Bridge Instructors)
        • Usage in Appointments
          • Open the Create Appointment Popup (either from Calendar Section or from any other interface)
          • Click on the Zoom checkbox at the bottom of the popup interface 
          • Accept the "Are you sure" warning message
          • Zoom link will be generated behind the scenes and will be attached to your appointment during the saving process (after you submit the form) 
          • You may check the generated Zoom link by looking at the preview appointment popup (accessible via your calendar - click on the appointment box). 
          • Clear Use-Case Description of this feature/action
          • Prerequisites
            • you need to have connected your Zoom and BI users (see Installation above) 
        • Usage in Lessons 
          • Go to your Lessons Events Section (either when adding a new event or edit an existing one) 
          • Locate the Zoom checkbox at the bottom of the popup interface 
          • Check the Zoom checkbox and specify the event type you want to have in Zoom - Meeting or Webinar.
      3. Uninstallation 
        • Uninstalling Zoom for Bridge Instructors from your Zoom Account
          • login to your Zoom marketplace account here 
          • Go to Dashboard -> Installed Apps 
          • Locate Zoom for Bridge Instructors 
          • Click Uninstall  
        • Deauthorizing the app from Bridge Instructors, unlink your BridgeInstructor's Profile from your Zoom Account 
          • Login to BridgeInstructors.com 
          • Go to Integrations Section
          • Locate Zoom
          • Click DISCONNECT 
            • Login to your Zoom account if requested
            • Zoom will unlink the Zoom for BridgeInstructors app and will navigate you back to Integrations Section (note the Zoom connection icon is in a disconnected mode)
      4. Support 
        • Issue Collector - you can submit an issue to our automated issue collector form by clicking the Ask for help button that is on every page of your Bridge Instructors Administration Panel (down at the right-hand side of your screen) 
        • email us at support@bridgeinstructors.com and let us know about your problem and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible. 
    2. Stripe
    3. Paypal
    4. Google Calendar
  2. Clients Partners
  3. Appointments
  4. Lessons 
  5. Post-a-JOB
  6. Profile setup and management